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-----  The Cooper Collection  -----

The items shown below are from the collection of Laurence Cooper purveyor of the Antique Dispensary Ltd.  Mr. Cooper began collecting and selling to private collectors in 1983 and formed the Antique Dispensary Ltd. in 1998.  I have haphazardly purchased ceramic feeders from him, when I could afford it, over the years and have always appreciated his willingness to inform me when things crossed his path that I might have an interest in.


Some years ago Laurence began selling his personal collection of ceramic feeders which was great for me because it forced him, for the first time, to take quality pictures of everything. While alot of the collection has been sold there still are wonderful items among those pictured below still available for sale on his website - check them out.


Laurence is someone that I have always appreciated knowing and someone that I have found always willing to share his knowledge happliy. Thank you Laurence

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