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-----  The Wellcome Collection  -----

The "Wellcome Collection" reflects items from the vast medical related collection of Sir Henry S. Wellcome who was an English pharmaceutical entrepreneur who bequethed his collection to the Wellcome Trust (the Trust) in 1936.


The collection was initially displayed at the Wellcome Historial Medical Museum after being bequethed and in 1968 displayed at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (the Institute).


Unfortunately the Institute closed in 1999 and sometime between then and now the collection, as it relates to ceramic feeders, ended up at the Science Museum on indefinate loan status.  Further complicating things is the fact that the Trust gave the collection to the Wellcome Collection (the Wellcome Museum) legally while at the same time giving it physically to the Science Museum.


From communications with the Science Museum it is my understanding that the Museum does not have plans to digitally photograph the entire collection but that it might be further photographed for tracking purposes when they move the stored collection to a new site in the near future. I will check on the collections online status periodically because it is really a wonderful collection (as J.K. Crellin has shown). The pictures below are what I could find online at both the Wellcome Museum and Science Museum.

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