Ceramic Infantilia of the 19th Century
Ceramic Infantilia of the 19th Century


A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored feeders


An object in a museum case suffers the same de-natured existence as an animal in a zoo. In any museum the object dies - of soffocation and the public gaze - whereas private ownership confers on the owner the right and need to touch. As a young child will reach out to handle thing it names, the passionate collector, his eye in harmony with his hands, restores to the object the life-giving touch of its maker.   -  Bruce Chatwin, 1988




While collecting, I always thought about leaving something behind once I stopped.  Nothing big or fancy, but something. This website is that "something".


Starting out with only the best of intentions, my enthusiasm took a small hit early on upon realization that all my efforts in trying to get others to provide pictures of their collections would be unsuccessful. 


Despite the disappointment, I hope the website's pictures and content is enough to give people a general idea of what's out there to find and collect.


Best - TheFeederGuy

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