A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored English ceramic feeders
A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and creamcolored English ceramic feeders 

While collecting I always thought about leaving something behind once I stopped. Nothing big or fancy but something that collectors could use for visual reference and those just starting out as a source of introduction. This is that "something".


When contemplating the website's design the initial thought was to have pictures of other's collections continually being added. This unfortunately and quickly proved difficult and after multiple attempts trying with no success I stopped asking.


Included in the website are pictures of my collection that often prompts the question why I collected what I did. With hindsight the answer always seems to point in the same direction - J.K. Crellin's "Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute". Not enough positive things can be said about the book's influence and impact over what I ended up liking and collecting over the years.


One interesting consequence of an endeavor like this (building a website) is the ability to see one's collection regardless of it circumstance. Throughout life there are always periods of transition and moving requiring collections to be packed up and stored for periods of time - it is great when one might not be able to physically see them that there are other ways to see and enjoy them (digitally). I encourage everyone to take pictures of their collections for this purpose.


I hope this website is worthy of your time, recommendation and return.


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