A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored 19th Century feeders


An object in a museum case suffers the same de-natured existence as an animal in a zoo. In any museum the object dies - of soffocation and the public gaze - whereas private ownership confers on the owner the right and need to touch. As a young child will reach out to handle thing it names, the passionate collector, his eye in harmony with his hands, restores to the object the life-giving touch of its maker.   -  Bruce Chatwin, 1988

While collecting, one immediately confronts the informational void that exists. 



As a result, I always thought about leaving something behind once I stopped and this website is that "something".


Starting out with the best of intentions, my enthusiasm for the project took an early hit realizing that my hopes of convincing others to also contribute pictures of their collections to the website went nowhere.


With that said, I hope the pictures that I did manage to gather and share are enough to convey the general sense of what's out there to look for, acquire and most importantly share.


Best - TheFeederGuy

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