A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored ceramic feeders from the 19th Century

When collecting I always felt a sense of obligation to leave something behind for collectors and those following once I stopped. Nothing big or fancy but something that collectors could use for reference and those following for inspiration. This website is that "something".


One quickly realize when collecting that there's little information out there to find.  It was true when I started and it was true when I stopped. That being said there was one important exception requiring mention - J.K. Crellin's book entitled "Medical Ceramics in the Welcome Institute". I can not say enough positive things about the book's influence and impact over what I collected and enjoy.


My introduction to the world of ceramic feeders came when young and shown an odd looking spouted cup belonging to my grandmother that she used when young. While the event didn't trigger instant collecting it must have planted the seed.


The website's initial concept included being continually updated and expanded with pictures of the collections of others. This unfortunantly proved unsuccessful despite my best efforts and intentions. For this I appologize.


Thanks for visiting, TheFeederGuy

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2019 (Simi Valley, CA)