A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored ceramic feeders
A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of  19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored ceramic feeders 

"An object in a museum case must suffer the de-natured existence of an animal in a zoo. In any museum the object dies - of soffocation and the public gaze - whereas private ownership confers on the owner the right and the need to touch. As a young child will reach out to handle the thing it names, so the passionate collector, his eye in harmony with his hand, restores to the object the life-giving touch of its maker."   -  Bruce Chatwin, 1988



While collecting, I always thought about leaving something behind once I stopped. Something that encourages new people to collect and provides additional reference to those that are. 


The website's initial vision included the addition of pictures of other's collections. This unfortunately proved not possible after all invitations sent to those I know with similar collections going unanswered. 


Included in the website are also pictures of my collection which could prompt the question why I collected what I did. The answer is simple, J.K. Crellin's wonderful book "Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute." No enough positive things can be said by me about the book's influence and impact during my early years of collecting and after.


Hopefully this website is worthy of your time, recommendation and repeated return. 

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