A mosty pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored ceramic feeders from the 19th Century 

When collecting I always thought about leaving something behind for others. Nothing big or fancy but something that collectors could use as reference and those following as introduction. This is that "something".


Another reason for the website is that there's really not much information out there to be found. It was true when I was collecting and it still remains true. That said there is one "welcome" surprise - J.K. Crellin's book entitled "Medical Ceramics in the Welcome Institute". I can not say enough positive things about the book's influence over what I ended up collecting and opening me eyes to all that could be collected.


My introduction to ceramic feeders came when young and shown an odd looking spouted cup belonging to my grandmother which she used when she was young. While the event didn't trigger instant collecting I credit it in planting the seed.


The website's initial concept was to be regularly updated with pictures of other's collections. This unfortunately quickly proved unrealistic. All best intentions and inquiries went ignored and after a while I stopped inquiring.


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