A pictorial website promoting the collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored ceramic feeders from 18th and 19th Century England



My introduction to ceramic feeders came when given an odd looking cup with a spout belonging to my grandmother that she used when she was a little girl. While the event did not trigger instant collecting it certainly opened to door.


While collecting I slowly developed a sense of obligation to someday address the informational void I always experienced on the subject.  Nothing big, fancy or authorative but something that collectors could refer to and novices might be inspired by. This website is that "something".


My limited experience with collectors is that most tend to not freely share and celebrate their collections with others which is unfortunate. I on the other hand have the opposite tendancy and want to share my collection with everyone and anyone.


When collecting there was one notable exception to the informational void experienced early on and that was J.K. Crellin's book entitled "Medical Ceramics in the Welcome Institute". It was my primary reference tool when collecting regarding what was out there to look for.  

This website basically highlights the six (6) types of "ceramic feeders" I am interested in and collected as well as pictorially highlighting a few collections out there for reference - including my own. 


Hopefully this website serves the purposes intended and is considered worthy of your time and repeated visits.




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