A pictorial website promoting the collection of blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored ceramic feeders from 18th and 19th Century England



My introduction to the world of ceramic feeders came when I was shown an odd looking spouted cup belonging to my grandmother from when she was a young girl. While the event did not trigger instant collecting it certainly opened the pandora's box


While collecting a sense of obligation slowely developed over me to leave something behind once I ever stopped.  Not big, fancy or authorative but something which collectors could refer to and more importantly novices excited by. This website is that small "something".


It has unfortunately been my experience the most collectors tend to keep their collections private and outside the public viewing domain. I ofcourse have a different view feeling a responsibility to share what I have with as many people as possible and as long as possible.


While collecting there was one exception to the informational void I generally felt was out there and that was J.K. Crellin's wonderful book entitled "Medical Ceramics in the Welcome Institute". It served as my inspiration and primary reference when collecting and its lasting impression continued to influence what I liked and collected.  


Hopefully this website serves its intended purpose and is worthy of repeated visits. I continue to update it as cool pictures come my way and/or I add anything to my collection.


Warm regards, TheFeederGuy

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