A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream colored English ceramic feeders
A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and creamcolored English ceramic feeders 

While collecting I always thought about leaving something behind once I stopped. Nothing big or fancy but something to help collectors and especially those just starting out. This website is that "something".


In addition to the website being mostly pictorial I also invisioned it being continually growing with added pictures of other's collections. This unfortunately proved more difficult than imagined and after multiple unsuccesful attempts I stopped trying.


With regards to why I collected what I did all bread crumbs point to one book purchased when I was just starting - J.K. Crellin's "Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute". 


Hopefully this website is worthy of your time and recommendation.



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2021 (Simi Valley, CA)