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--  Related Books  --

In addition to J.K. Crellin's book, mentioned elsewhere multiple places, I additionally recommend these books for your library:

--  Related Organization  --

The American Collectors of Infant Feeders is a membership supported organization that holds annual conventions every summer, hosted by one or more of its members, and publishes a quarterly newsletter for membership entitled "Keeping Abreast".


The organization's stated purpose is to promote the collection of infant feeders and related items. Please however note that "infant feeders and related items" covers alot of territory beyond just ceramic feeders.


You can learn more about the organization at www.acif.org.  

--  Posset Pots  --

While I do not collect posset pots (mostly because of the price) they certainly fall under the umbrella of "ceramic feeders":


Posset pots are spouted two handled vessels from the 17th and 18th Century used to consume "posset', a beverage containing a cocktail mixture of curdled hot milk or beaten eggs, often including wine or ale, often spiced or sweetened, and often thickened with oatmeal or bread. They have lids to keep the contents warm with the floating custard portion eaten from the top with a spoon and the liquid lower portion sucked from the spout. They were most commonly made in slipware and delftware and a rare few in silver. Over time the shape of posset pots evolved from simple basic forms to more curvilinear vessels with elaborate ornamentation (too nice to use in my opinion).  Needless to say it does not take much imagination to understand why most did not survive undamaged (i.e., wine and ale and ceramics are never a great combination).

--  Ladies Spittoons  --

One area of collecting that I ignored for the longest time but finally gave into near the end of my collecting years, and now ending up being one the most favorite things I like to look for, are ladies transfer-printed spittoons. My first introduction to them came when someone was selling a small collection of feeders that included one (with its exaggerated sized spout). Be warned once you start collecting them you will not be able to stop. Like many of the other things I collected what makes these interesting is that there once was a place and time for them until medical knowledge made them obsolete.

--  Inhalers  --

I also wanted to introduce the interesting world of ceramic inhalers while I have the stage.  While I confess not to have a complete understanding as to how they actually work, never used one, I started to take an interest in them also near when I stopped collecting (similar to ladies spittoons mentioned above) because of their rarity (finding them in great shape, still with their lids and their original glass tubes), small size (though other designs are bigger and more generic), shapes and interesting transfer-patterns designs on many of them.

--  Pictures of Your Collection  --

If you have interest in your collection being included on this website (either under your name or anonymously) please contact me.


In addition to educating and inspiring future generations of collectors (and acting as a valuable source of reference for active collectors) it also allows you 24/7 access to enjoy what you have (or had) all in one organized place).


Another important point that I want to make is that everyone's priorities and/or living situations change over time (i.e., age, financial, moving, etc.) and there comes a day (whether voluntary or involuntary) when we part with our collections.


I encourage all collectors to invest the minimal time and effort required now and take quality and consistent pictures of your collections for continued enjoyment and possible future posting here.

--  Website Content and Contact  --

Nothing on this website is to be considered authoritative.  I am simply someone sharing what I have come to appreciate, enjoy and understand over the years collecting - right and wrong.


On that same note all photos found on this website are posted with education in mind and are free to copy and use without my permission.


Comments and inquiries can be sent to:  lmwebster@pobox.com.

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