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-- Books  --

In addition to J.K. Crellin's book mentioned elsewhere these are other books I recommend being added to your library:

--  Organizations  --

The American Collectors of Infant Feeders is a membership supported organization that holds an annual convention every summer, hosted by one or more of its members, and publishes quarterly newsletters to membership entitled "Keeping Abreast".  The organization's stated purpose is to promote the collection of infant feeders and related items. It is important to note that "infant feeders and related items" covers alot of territory beyond just ceramic feeders which is the reason I seem to keep joining, then not renewing and then again joining (to see what's new).


Membership information can be found on their website at www.acif.org.

--  Posset Pots  --

While I do not have any posset pots in my collection they certainly fall under the "ceramic feeder" umbrella and are worthy of highlight.


Posset pots are spouted two handled vessels from the 17th and 18th Century used to consume "posset', a beverage containing a cocktail mixture of curdled hot milk or beaten eggs, often including wine or ale, often spiced or sweetened, and often thickened with oatmeal or bread. They have lids to keep the contents warm with the floating custard portion eaten from the top with a spoon and the liquid lower portion sucked out the spout. They were most commonly made in slip-ware and delftware and few in silver. Over time the shape of posset pots progressed from simple basic forms to curvilinear vessels with elaborate ornamentation (to nice to envision being used as intended).  Needless to say it does not take much imagination to understand why most did not survive undamaged (i.e., wine and ale and pottery never being a good combination).

--  Ladies Spittoons  --

developed an interest in ladies spittoons about a year prior to retiring from collecting (evidenced with only having a few in my collection) because of their petite size, their similarity in design often with feeding cups (i.e., spouts) and their rarity / delicate nature. 

--  Pictures of Your Collection --

If you have an interest in your collection showcased on this website (either under your name or anonymously) I would love to talk to you about it.


In addition to educating and inspiring future generations of collectors and acting as a valuable source of reference for active collectors it also allows you 24/7 access to your collection from anywhere nicely organized (something I doubt is possible now).


Another important point that I want to make, and this has recently happened to me, is that everyone's priorities and/or living situations change over time (i.e., age, financial, moving, etc.) and as the case with all collectors (whether voluntary or involuntary) the time comes when we part with our collections. While the physical connection ceases when this happens the emotional connection does not. Lets be honest - our collections are labors of love and family members. With this in mind I encourage all collectors to plan ahead now, photograph your collections one by one in a consistent and nicely lighted manner and contact me about posting them.  I can not convey how happy you will feel down the road having the ability to see them 24/7.

--  Content and Contact  --

Nothing on this website must be considered as being authoritative.  I am simply a collector sharing what I have come to appreciate, enjoy and understand over the years - right or wrong.


All photos presented on this website are done with education in mind and are free to use without permission as far as I am concerned.


Comments, inquiries, questions or suggestions should be sent to:  thefeederguy@pobox.com.


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