www.TheFeederGuy.com A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored ceramic feeders
www.TheFeederGuy.com A pictorial website promoting the beauty and collection of 19th Century blue & white transfer-printed and cream-colored ceramic feeders 

-----  J.K. Crellin  -----

One quickly discovers when collecting that there's an informational void out there on the subject matter. It was true when I collected and it is true today. One wonderful exception to this however was J.K. Crellin's book entitled "Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute".


Not enough positive things can be said by me about the book's influence and impact over what I ended up liking and collecting. While the book's pictures are mostly black and white the encyclopedic nature of the book really opened my eyes to what's out there to find.


Below are pictures of the book's cover and table of contents as well as a sampling of pictures.

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