-----  Pap Boats  -----

Pap boats (a.k.a. "infant feeders") were generally small open topped vessels with extended pouring lips to feed "pap" to infants, children and invalids. The shapes also included, but more rare, versions with partial tops covering the front of the boats and designed tails (see photo at left). "Pap" was a mixture used containing flour or bread boiled in water with other ingredients added, when available, including butter, milk and sweetners. Additional ingredients sometimes added when feeding adults also included wine or beer. 


Pap was also traditionally kept warm by bedsides in warmers (see "Food Warmers" discussed elsewhere). 


Pap boats were also made in silver and pewter (see photo below).

Pap boats came in all different shapes and sizes aside from the typical design mentioned above (see photos at left).

Examples of additional shaped, patterned and sized pap boats: 

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