-----  Medicine Spoons  -----

Medicine spoons (a.k.a. "feeding spoons" and "infant feeders") are an interesting area of collection because of their small and delicate sizes and shapes and because most were used to feed more than just medicine as defined today. 

Medicine spoons ranged from extremely ulitarian to extremely decorated (see photos below).

To me the "Baby Doser" is the Holy Grail of medicine spoons. It had it all: the measurements; the fish tail look; the small hole where the liquid traveled through; and the molded spout tip where a soft cloth or teat could be applied. When examining it up close one quickly notices that the hole for the liquid is extrememly small for medicine or liquid to travel freely leaving the impression that the infant or child needed to suck it out. 

Medicine spoons also came in shapes similar to Gibson's designed spoons made of silver (see photo below). Looking at the ceramic spoon's delicate long handle one understands why few survived. 

I also consider "butter boats" falling under the umbrella of medicine spoons for collecting purposes because of their shape and size and because I was told they also were used in homes to feed and give medicine when other means were not available.  Made sense to me.

Examples of medicine spoons I once had prior to downsizing:

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