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Medicine spoons (a.k.a. "feeding spoons" and "infant feeders") are an interesting area of collecting because of their small and delicate sizes and varying shapes and designs. As like other things they also ranged from simply ulitarian to extremely ornate.


Those shown at the bottem of the page were part of my collection before downsizing years ago.



Medicine spoon designs ranged from ulitarian to ornate (see photos below).

And yes, they also came in silver.

To me the "Baby Doser" is still the Holy Grail of all ceramic medicine spoons. It had it all: measurements; delicate fish tail; small spout hole where liquids travel through; and molded spout tip for teats to be affixed.


Upon close examination one notices that the hole for liquid to travel is extremely small leaving the impression that infants and others needed to suck the contents out - another reason for the possibility of a teat being affixed.

Medicine spoons also came in shapes similar to Gibson's designed spoons made of silver (see photo below). Looking at this ceramic spoon's delicate long handle one understands why few survived. 

I also consider smaller "butter boats" and "tea caddies" falling under the umbrella of medicine spoons for collecting purposes because of their shape and size and because I understand that they also were used to feed and administer medicine. Makes sense to me - I'm sold.

Examples of medicine spoons that I had prior to downsizing:

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